All about those pesky New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the ever popular question this time of year: what are your New Year’s Resolutions? The chatter tends to be centered around disillusionment, with frustrations about how resolutions never stick. I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve made those resolutions to “eat healthier” and “go to the gym every day,” only to find myself starting off January 1st with a sugar hangover and exhausted from the busyness that usually comes with those last few weeks of the year. January 1st is in all honesty a hard day to start all these beautiful new goals. I absolutely adore a fresh start though, a clear end to the habits of old and a clear start to a clean slate. Here’s how I make my New Year’s resolutions (or really, any goal that I resolve to take on throughout the year) stick no matter what:

  • Figure out why you want to achieve this goal. Let’s take one of my goals as an example: I’ve been enjoying the holiday season to the fullest and indulging a bit more than I would like to so one of my resolutions is to clean up my eating habits for the new year. I could say that my resolution is “no more sugar and gluten” but that’s not really hitting the reason why I want to clean up my habits. For me, I just don’t feel my best with all of my indulgences, my energy is lower and I feel like I drag through my days. Sit down with your resolutions and find the true reason behind it. Is it because it’s what everyone else is resolving? Ditch it and find one that truly means something to you. Once you’ve found the feeling that you are trying to achieve, then you are better able to write a goal that motivates and excites you.
  • Find an accountability partner/community. Having a friend, family member or your significant other on the journey with you can give you the motivation to stick with it even when you’re tired or stressed. This time of year is also a wonderful time to find a community that can keep you accountable, whether it’s an online forum or in a group exercise class. It’s a great way to make friends that are on the same path as you.
  • Make an action plan. Now that you have your big picture of what you want to achieve, break it up into small steps. It’s much easier to change old habits when you ease into it rather than trying to do it all in one go. Just one small win a day gets you to the big win.
  • Make it measurable and then reward yourself. Having a deadline makes your resolution a positive action, not some fuzzy abstract idea that’s going to happen some time in the future. A race registration, a fun girl’s night, or a vacation are all fun motivators to work towards. And don’t forget to celebrate each small step taken towards achieving your goal!
  • Start now. Why wait to get started on living life to the fullest? What’s one small step you can take right now that will get you to your goal?

Need an accountability partner? Not quite sure how to make your goals happen? I’d love to help. Send me a message and we can set up a free mini-consult.

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