Olivia is one of those rare individuals who achieves a perfect balance of holistic body/energy work and science-driven medical practice. Her deep and genuine care for her clients’ health and overall well-being is matched by her good humor and gentle, pragmatic manner. Her knowledge, attention, and care were integral to my postpartum recovery after a long and difficult labor. I cannot recommend her more highly to women seeking to become their most vibrant, healthy selves.

Danielle Dubail – Mama to one, Doula, Artist and Graphic Designer

Olivia has the gift of creating an environment in which you feel relaxed, grounded, and in touch with your own body. While on the mat she is able to use her extensive knowledge of how the human and emotional body are tied together to teach a class that applies to your life and the daily practice of living. After working with Olivia you will find yourself more in tune with your body, you will feel encouraged, and you will find your body a comfortable, peaceful place to just breathe.

Ally Jobe – Mama to one, Pediatric Physical Therapist

I met Olivia years ago in a yoga class. Her warm and welcoming demeanor drew me to her right away. As we got to know each other I learned more about her undeniable passion for women’s health. As she became more serious about her yoga practice she knew it was something that could tie directly to her work with women…hence Olivia Wellness was born! To be in the field of working with energy, yoga and women’s bodies, one must be confident yet unassuming, strong yet compassionate. Olivia embodies all of this and more!
Lauren Dashiell Wessinger – Mama to Two, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio Owner at SoulSpace Yoga Community in Fort Worth, Tx

Olivia offers a unique perspective to integrative women’s health and nutrition through her professional background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and her experience as a yoga teacher. With Olivia, I received the highest level of compassionate care underpinned by science and technical expertise; she introduces a fascinating and compelling duality to this industry. I recommend Olivia’s coaching services to every woman who seeks support in their wellness journey.
McCrae T. Harrison – Yogi, Author at WearingCivies.com